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Some recent live experiences we have originated are:

The Groovy Lounge is a rocking brunch and variety show designed for young families. Each show is customized to a specific theme, utilizing top notch talent from across the country. With sold out shows in Los Angeles, and soon to be in New York, The Groovy Lounge will be coming soon to a town near you!

Playroom Performance Series



This eclectic and exclusive 8-week series will provide a unique 40-minute show designed to entertain and stimulate your child’s creativity, foster a communal bond with your kids and neighbors. Each week your child will experience a new performance and learn a new skill. Each show is chosen to appeal to children ages 6 years and younger and designed to provide an incredibly interactive and immersive show for all who attend.  

The Ice Cream Sundae Project is a "sweet" celebratory charity movement that takes place every July during National Ice Cream Month. Along with a compilation album featuring songs about dessert from the very best musicians in Kindie Music from across the country, we produce various Ice Cream-themed festivals to raise money for food related charities. 


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